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Dr. Dixon and Dr. Mobbs

Dr. Dixon and Dr. Mobbs

  Meet Dr. Zachary Dixon, owner of Dixon Family Dental in Morrilton, AR and co-owner with partner Dr. Spencer Mobbs of Perryville Family Dental in Perryville, AR. We are excited to have had them recently join the MB2 family as operating owners! Meet Dr. Spencer Mobbs! Owner of Perryville Family Dental How long have you […]

Meet The Doctor – Dr. Jeffrey Scruggs

Meet The Doctor – Dr. Jeffrey Scruggs

How many people do you know who can say they started running marathons in their 40s? Dr. Jeffrey Scruggs is an avid runner who trains & competes in triathlons, marathons, and cycling in his spare time. He is also a dentist, business owner, husband and father of four. Dr. Scruggs dreamed of opening his own […]

Inside MB2 Dental: Dr. David Nguyen Buys His Dream Practice

Inside MB2 Dental: Dr. David Nguyen Buys His Dream Practice

After nearly five years of working as an associate dentist in Frisco, Texas, Dr. David Nguyen can proudly say he is the owner of Heritage Family Dentistry. Just months before Dr. Nguyen’s transition to ownership, the future of the practice he was providing at was unknown. The former owner of the practice was looking to […]


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