Twenty-five of our affiliate offices and over 200 affiliated employees and doctors were affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are tremendously grateful to say that none of our employees or doctors were hurt physically. However, many of them suffered great losses.

In this time of crisis, the nation-wide MB2 team is taking action to support our fellow MB2 family members who are in a time of need and rebuilding following the hurricane.

As a company, we are lucky that many of our affiliate offices in Harvey-stricken areas were able to quickly re-open and begin serving patients within days of the disaster. All of the offices outside of South Texas have been hard at work collecting donations. Offices from New Mexico to Tennessee, all across Texas and as far as Alaska have shown an overwhelming level of support from staff, patients, and our business neighbors who have all contributed food, clothing and household items to support those families affected. Friday was our last day accepting donations and we worked on organizing everything into piles. Today we are headed to Beaumont and Port Arthur to deliver everything. But don’t worry! You can still help.

In addition to the donated items, there is an ongoing GoFundMe to raise financial assistance for the families who lost everything. MB2 kicked off the campaign with a $15,000 donation, and we have raised over $70,000 so far! Help us reach our $100k goal by donating!

If you are an affiliated employee who was impacted by the Hurricane or if one of your fellow affiliated employees were impacted by the Hurricane, please let us know! Submit the family’s information and greatest needs on our webpage under “Identify a Family In Need.

Thank you to all of the individuals who have donated items, funds, or time in these efforts to support our MB2 family. Stay tuned for more!