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About Us

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, MB2 Dental was founded in 2007 as America’s first and fastest-growing Dental Partnership Organization (DPO). MB2 partners with hundreds of dentists and specialists across the nation and is always looking for the right doctors to join the movement.

Meet Our Founder

“Building a practice on your own is no easy task. I know because, before I founded MB2 Dental, I was in your shoes. I rejected the idea that our only options were to keep practicing alone or sell out to a faceless corporation.

So I partnered with others in our profession to build a better way to practice dentistry.

At MB2 Dental, we help you combine the benefits of partnering with a larger organization, like shared services and access to capital, with the independence and autonomy you love about owning your own practice.”

– Dr. V, Founder and CEO

Accelerating Practices Across the Country

Dentists and specialists across the country have chosen to partner with our DPO. Will you be next?

map of the united states showing which states MB2 is in

MB2 Gives Back

The MB2 Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established with a mission to provide financial assistance to our employees experiencing financial stress from unforeseen life-altering events.

Take The Next Step

Work smarter, breathe easier and live larger. Discover how partnering with MB2 Dental gives you the power to grow professionally without giving up control of your practice.