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Think MB2 Dental sounds too good to be true?

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MB2 Dental:
The Best of Both Worlds

MB2’s Dental Partnership Organization model combines everything we love about private practice with the things we appreciate about a larger group.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, MB2 Dental was founded in 2007 as America’s first and fastest-growing Dental Partnership Organization (DPO). MB2 partners with hundreds of dentists and specialists across the nation, and is always looking for the right doctor partners to join the movement.


A term we coined, a DPO is a well-organized co-operative that consists of dentists and shareholders who make a financial investment in each partners’ dental practices. Shared ownership aligns the dentists’ long-term interests. Dentist owners in the DPO leverage their collective size to curate business support services, negotiate economies of scale and attract higher valuations. This allows the private practitioner to compete with larger dental groups while still maintaining control of their practice from both a clinical and non-clinical aspect.


MB2 Dental and the doctor owner have individual responsibilities within the partnership but are jointly responsible and accountable for the long-term performance of the business. Doctor owners are responsible for local leadership and the delivery of clinical care. As a partner, MB2 can provide a wide array of services that can be leveraged at the discretion of each affiliated practices’ needs.

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“Building a practice on your own is no easy task. I know because, before I founded MB2 Dental, I was in your shoes. I rejected the idea that our only options were to keep practicing alone or sell out to a faceless corporation.

So I partnered with others in our profession to build a better way to practice dentistry.

At MB2 Dental, we help you combine the benefits of partnering with a larger organization, like shared services and access to capital, with the independence and autonomy you love about owning your own practice.”

– Dr. V, Founder and CEO

Dentists and specialists across the country have chosen to partner with our DPO. Will you be next?

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Achieving the life you want MBDental About
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It’s about achieving the life you want.

With the support you deserve, there’s more time to enjoy the things you love.

Intrigued by the concept but still blurry on the details?

Here’s the behind the scenes of how MB2 can help your practice:


Step 1

We Become Partners

Just like any dating period, we take our time getting to know one another. As part of the process, you receive your practice valuation at fair market value. If it looks like we’ll both win through partnership, we “put a ring on it” which means that MB2 acquires a part of your practice, giving you the support you need to grow without losing control.


Step 2

Your Practice Runs Better

As a partner, you take advantage of centralized services to incorporate best practices and improve your practice’s profitability. With more time on your hands and more accessible profits, your quality of life starts to improve right away.


Step 3

You Grow Your Brand

Use MB2 capital, resources, and relationships to grow your local brand. You’ll have what you need to build or buy offices and grow at your own pace.

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Step 4

And Make More Money

Sell more of your remaining equity at a higher valuation the next time MB2 recapitalizes. Valuations for group practices of our size range from 10x-14x earnings (EBITDA) and everyone’s equity is valued the same. Private equity sponsors traditionally recapitalize every 5 years.

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MB2 Dental and our doctor owners usually partner with practices with over $1.25 million in revenue and 4 operatories or more.