MB2 was created so that you

wouldn’t have to practice

dentistry alone.

The Founder’s Vision

Get a glimpse at life as an MB2 partner.

Understand the MB2 Model

Meet a Few of Our Partners

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Understand the MB2 Model

It’s a Partnership

In this video, new practice Owner, Dr. Cathy Trevino, explains the benefits she’s experienced in partnering with MB2, allowing her to practice dentistry with 100% autonomy as both a clinician and business owner.

Where You’ll Maintain Control

Dr. David Nguyen of Frisco, Texas, was able to purchase his dream dental practice, Heritage Family Dentistry, through his partnership with MB2 Dental Solutions. Dr. Nguyen had worked at the Frisco practice for five years as an associate.

And Get What You Need to Grow

In November of 2017, our MB2 doctor owners vacationed together in Maui to celebrate the finalization of a carefully selected private equity partnership with Sentinel Capital Partners.

MB2 Dental: Too Good To Be True?

We know what you’re thinking, “It’s too good to be true.” Plenty of our doctor partners thought the same thing and now they are growing their practices and building exceptional wealth.

MB2 Dental: The Future of Dentistry

MB2 Doctor Partners discuss their thoughts on the changing world of the dental profession.

MB2 Dental: The MB2 Investment Opportunity

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva and Dr. Glenn Vo discuss the MB2 Investment Opportunity.

Meet a Few of Our Partners

“All I was doing was working.”
—Dr. Justin Nylund

Dr. Justin Nylund, owner of Taos Dental Group in New Mexico, is the 10th dentist in his family in the last four generations. It would be rare to find a soul in the iconic city of Taos who Dr. Nylund has not befriended. Taos, known for its artistic culture, is filled with beautiful landscapes where Dr. Nylund spends his weekends hiking, fishing, and skiing. When not in Taos, Dr. Nylund is often traveling the country with his wife Patricia and baby daughter Aletta.

“Sometimes patients feel like they’re left behind by society. We want to bring those folks back in.”
—Dr. Joseph Dove

This Tennessee dentist has a huge heart and spends his time volunteering at local community programs to give back to the local neighborhoods reminiscent of those that were a part of his childhood. We’re honored to share his story.

“A lot of students can tell I enjoy being with them.”
—Dr. Kay Mash

Dr. Kay Mash has taught 40+ years as a Clinical Instructor at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry. Dr. Mash has successfully graduated 4100+ dental students in her career, including many of our own MB2 Doctor Partners. She serves as an amazing inspiration and mentor to women in the dental profession. We are excited to have Dr. Mash share her gift of teaching with us at MB2 as our clinical adviser now that she has retired from teaching. We are honored to share her story.

“When I walk into one of my offices, see everyting working efficiently & smiles on everyone’s faces, I know we are going somewhere.”
—Dr. Corey Slighly

Dr. Corey Slighly is a Prosthodontist currently practicing in Central Texas who embodies the values of the dental community. He’s a sports enthusiast and father to-be.

“Dentistry has provided me with an avenue to be proud of myself.”
—Dr. Matt Simmons

Dr. Matt Simmons is a Houston native, practicing dentistry in the heart of a small, historical Texas town. A vibrant member of the community, you’ll often find Dr. Simmon’s and wife Lascena hosting or attending events nearly every week in Victoria and El Campo, Texas.

“I strive to be the best mom.”
—Dr. Mary Courtin

Dr. Mary Courtin from Rockwall, TX serves as a great example of what the dental community stands for. Beyond being an exceptional clinician, she’s a mother, runner and dog-loving member of her local community. We’re honored to share her story.

Discover Your Community

We’re a Family

In May 2017, our MB2 doctor owners embarked on a retreat to Cancun, Mexico. MB2 dentists and owners traveled from across the U.S. (Alaska to Tennessee) to create memories with old friends and new.

Who Serves Others

Doctors from all over the United States, different alma maters, and different backgrounds came together for one united reason: to help as many people as possible.

And Shows Up for One Another

Team members and patients contributed everything they could to support our MB2 family and others in need. All donations were loaded up and taken to our affiliate offices and local churches in affected cities such as Beaumont and Victoria, Texas.

Hurricane Harvey 2017

We are completely heartbroken over the tragedy Hurricane Harvey has caused for our brothers and sisters in Texas and Louisiana. Over 200 MB2 and affiliate office employees were affected by Hurricane Harvey, and 25 affiliate offices were impacted.

The Solution

In this video, dental practice owners Dr. Cheryl Johnson and Dr. John Caldwell explain how MB2 was the answer they were looking for when they began feeling overwhelmed with the business aspects of their private practices. With MB2’s support, they have less stress in the office and more time to spend with their families.

Life After Dental School

Whether you’re a D4 approaching graduation or a new dentist in the first few years of practice- we have been in your shoes and know just how challenging the transition out of dental school can be. A few of our affiliated owners share their advice to fellow dentists, and how MB2 has helped to ease the roadblocks in their journey.

Dr. Carabelli Tries Marketing

Dr. Carabelli makes the discovery that his years spent in dental school didn’t prepare him for every aspect of running his business.

Dr. Carabelli’s Post Patient Scaries

Much like the anticipation of a Monday after a fulfilling weekend, Dr. Carabelli experiences the “post patient scaries” after a successful day of patient cases is overshadowed by grueling amounts of bills, paperwork, and administrative tasks.

Dr. Carabelli Avoids The Gag

Let MB2 Dental help you avoid the gag of corporate dentistry.

Domingo The Flamingo Joins A DPO

Follow the tale of Domingo The Flamingo, a Dental School new grad as he explores his options as a professional in the dental industry.

MB2 Raptor Culture

Dr. V gave two new partners an audacious growth goal to meet, so when they did the team went out to Roswell, NM to personally deliver two brand new Ford Raptors to Dr. Paul Maupin and Dr. David Brown, making for an unforgettable road trip.

With A Little Help From My Friends

In times like these, with all the uncertainty and unknown, there’s one fact we can always count on: MB2 is made up of amazing doctors and team members, and together we will overcome any obstacle thrown our way. Together, we are stronger, smarter and ready to take on the next phase of our temporary new normal. .

Dr. Chris Hoffpauir

“I don’t think that there are a lot of companies out there that you can partner with that will truly seek to understand the soul of your practice. But MB2 is one of them.”