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Capital, resources, and connections to take your practice where you want it to go.

The original Dental Partnership Organization


From IT to HR to replenishing your shelves, you get big buying power without sacrificing your independence.

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We invest in high-performing dentists with good earning potential and maximize their ability to grow.


Run your practice the way you want and, as our partner, get the support you need to make it what you’ve always dreamed.

When you went to dental school, you probably never imagined how much of your time you would have to spend not practicing dentistry.

The dental profession is becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate, which makes it hard for dentists to excel as clinicians, business owners, and entrepreneurs and leaves them feeling isolated in their private practice silos. We know, because: We’re dentists, too.

That’s why we created a third way to practice dentistry, the Dental Partnership Organization. We have partnered with hundreds of dentists to help them stay in the driver’s seat as they maximize their talents, connect as part of a community, and build exceptional wealth.

Let’s keep the boardroom out of private practice.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between practicing alone or joining a faceless corporate group.”

Founder and CEO, Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD

What would your practice be worth in a partnership with MB2 Dental?

Our valuation and equity opportunity is unique on the market and this scorecard will let you see what that really means for you.

How it works

A path to the future you want.

Step 1


Your conversation starts with one of our experienced team members and continues until you have as much information as you need to move forward.

Step 2


If we’re a match, we’ll invite you to become an MB2 partner and create an agreement that allows you to maintain total control of your practice.

Step 3


With the support of a powerhouse behind you, you’ll have capital, exclusive access to cost-saving resources and shared services, and support from a community you deserve, so that you can take your practice where you want it to go!

Are we a match?

What makes MB2 unique is our DPO model and what makes us successful is our ability to partner with like-minded dentists who want to grow, but also invest in each other.
Our partners come to us with different needs, different types of practices and different goals, but with an openness to collaborate for greater success together. We invest in dentists, not practices, because we are dentists too.

Just like in our private practices, our business needs to be a certain size for a second doctor (or in our case partner) to make sense.

Dentist owners who partner with our DPO usually have revenue of more than $1 million and are ready for the next state of growth, which we help to facilitate.

If this isn’t you today, it doesn’t mean it won’t be tomorrow. Our commitment is to the success of dentists and keeping them in control. This is how we preserve the integrity of our profession.

Hundreds of Dentists Across The Nation Are Standing Up For Our Profession

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And it’s so much more fun doing business together.

It’s about achieving the life you want.

With the support you deserve, there’s more time to enjoy the things you love.

Bottom line

Our profession should be run by dentists, not corporations.

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