We don’t buy practices, we back doctors.

The Original Dental Partnership Organization

MB2 Dental offers a new way to practice dentistry: the future you want, with our support and services to make it happen. Are you ready for what’s next?

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We Need To Talk About Our Profession

With all that paper-pushing, you may as well have gotten a business degree.

You didn’t become a dentist to be a glorified administrator – so why are you forced to do the work of an accountant, marketer, recruiter, IT professional, and compliance expert?

You could get some support from a dental service organization (DSO), but then your practice would be controlled by an out-of-touch suit in a boardroom.

That’s why MB2 Dental created a third option: joining our dental partnership organization (DPO). Our supportive community of dentists takes the admin work off your plate, while leaving you in complete control of your practice.


Dentist Owners


Will You Be Next?

Chris Steven Villanueva DMD CEO and Founder About MbDental Our Story

Let’s keep the boardroom out of private practice.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between practicing alone or joining a faceless corporate group.”

Founder and CEO, Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD

How the MB2 Dental Partnership Model Works

A path to the future you want.


Step 1

Hear from someone who’s been in your shoes

Every new partnership starts with a conversation with a fellow dentist who is already partnered with MB2.


Step 2

Get the most out of your hard work

When you’re ready, we’ll work together to assess the current health of your practice, define the steps to reach your long-term goals, and create an equitable partnership agreement.


Step 3

Focus on what’s important

As an MB2 Dental partner, you’ll maintain total control of your practice while letting us worry about the day-to-day administrative and financial headaches.

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Step 4

Realize your full potential

With true partnership, you can take that vacation, start your next practice, or become a thought leader in the dental community.

How To Maximize Equity in Your Dental Practice

Hint: Not all equity is equal

Choosing to stay in private practice or work with a larger corporate group is a complex decision that has huge implications for your future. Regardless of the path you choose, there are four crucial questions you should ask before committing to a dental practice transaction.
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Are You Ready To Join the MB2 Dental Movement?

We believe the Dental Partnership Organization model we’ve created is the future of dentistry. Our partners each have different needs, different types of practices, and different goals, but they work together to provide growth and investment opportunities for everyone. It’s a partnership for dentists that will always be driven by other dentists. That means our partners typically start with a revenue of more than $1 million and are ready for the next stage of growth.

If this isn’t you today, it doesn’t mean it won’t be tomorrow. Our commitment is to the success of dentists and keeping them in control. This is how we preserve the integrity of our profession.

Partnership To Achieve the Life You Want.

With the support you deserve, there’s more time to enjoy the things you love.

We don’t use the word “partner” lightly — we’ve got your back because we know you’ve got ours. But it’s also more than that. We’re creating space in each other’s lives for everything else we enjoy, including the time we spend together.

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Bottom line

Our profession should be run by dentists, not corporations.

So, let’s start the conversation.