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Why MB2

With a culture that supports the autonomy of each practice, we’ve created a premier community of dentists that encourages individual gains while celebrating shared success.

Premium Benefits for Private Practices

MB2’s Dental Partnership Organization model combines everything we love about private practice with the things we appreciate about a larger group.

Services. Support. Success.

MB2 Dental has spent years curating industry-leading services and sourcing expert support staff to provide your practice with the resources it needs to thrive. Whether you’re looking to offload accounting tasks or get some extra help with recruiting, marketing, business development or beyond, we have a wealth of services for whatever your practice needs.

The Magic Behind Our Model

MB2 Dental is different from DSOs. We not only the provide the resources, community and opportunities of a big organization but we also allow you to maintain your brand identity and run your practice your way.

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Clear on by the concept but still blurry on the details?

Read the rundown on how MB2 Dental can power your practice:


Step 1

We Become Partners

The perfect partnership starts with a perfect fit. We carefully evaluate each potential partner to ensure a win-win relationship. If it’s a fit, MB2 acquires a part of your practice, giving you the support you need to grow without losing control.


Step 2

Your Practice Runs Better

As a partner, you’ll have access to our suite of services for max efficiency and improved profitability. With more time and money, your quality of life instantly looks a whole lot better.


Step 3

You Grow Your Brand

Use MB2 capital, resources, and relationships to grow your local brand. You’ll have what you need to build or buy offices and grow at your own pace.

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Step 4

And Make More Money

Sell more of your remaining equity at a higher valuation the next time MB2 recapitalizes. Valuations for group practices of our size range from 10x-14x earnings (EBITDA) and everyone’s equity is valued the same. Private equity sponsors traditionally recapitalize every 5 years.

Let’s Do This

Work smarter, breathe easier and live larger. Discover how partnering with MB2 Dental gives you the power to grow professionally without giving up control of your practice.