More time in your day for the things you like.

Our Dental Partnership Organization has hand-picked the industry’s best to take the hassle out of your day and help your practice run at peak efficiency.

Human Resources

From employee relations to talent acquisition, MB2 Dental handles the intricacies of staffing management. We provide our affiliate dental offices with services that include employee relations, payroll, talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, diversity, compliance, labor relations, organizational and employee development, safety and security, and technology.

Accounting & Finance Services

MB2 Dental’s Finance Department helps affiliate practices by establishing and administering accounting procedures, controls, and systems for the development, preparation, and safekeeping of a dental office’s administrative and financial records.

In addition, all required tax returns and reports are facilitated through a certified accountant, approved by each affiliate practice and filed appropriately.


As you know, credentialing is the process in which dentists become affiliated with insurance providing companies in order to accept third-party reimbursements. Once a partner dentist provides MB2 with required information, we handle the entire credentialing process.


Compliance with a growing number of the dental regulations can be an overwhelming task. MB2 provides our affiliate dental offices with a personalized and comprehensive approach, which includes assistance with implementing an office compliance program, internal monitoring, and monthly audits of clinical notes, charts, and regulatory updates.


While technology in a dental office may seem simple at first glance, it is usually a complex infrastructure. We provide affiliate dental offices with the services needed to help keep their offices working smoothly and in a stable environment.

Services include:

Data management
Maintenance plans
Remote and on-site computer support
Hardware installations and upgrades
Backup and disaster recovery
Software implementation
Custom A/V installations
Business network solutions
Telecom/Data services
Surveillance installation & network solutions
Virtualization implementation
Cloud network solutions


MB2 University, known as MB2U, provides guides for all employees and offices with the knowledge, guidance, and personal attention to help our affiliated dental offices achieve success. Trainings include Leadership Boot Camp, RDA Boot Camp, annual trainings (HIPAA, HIPAA HB300, OSHA, Sexual Harassment), E-Claim training, DHMO training, Customer Service training, Secret Shopper calls, and much more.

Billing & Collections

MB2 Dental bills insurance companies and third-party payers o n behalf of all affiliate dental offices so that claims are submitted timely and in accordance with all federal, state, and local government regulations and requirements.

Additionally, MB2 Dental continuously works aged accounts receivables to assist in timely and accurate claims submissions and payment postings, as well as performing any necessary resubmissions or appeals with insurance companies and third-party payers.


The MB2 Dental Marketing Team specializes in growing our affiliates’ unique brands and each practices’ profitability. We help drive growth by partnering with owners to develop custom marketing plans that address each office’s specific needs and goals. With the MB2 Dental marketing team, our partners are receiving the most cost-efficient, expert-driven marketing and advertising available to dentists.


The MB2 Dental recruitment team pre-screens and filters candidates to find the best and the brightest. We are always recruiting to ensure there is a bench of qualified talent ready to step in as dental practices grow and evolve or as new dental practices open. We efficiently staff each affiliate dental office with an optimal level of support employees to ensure your practice is running smoothly and effectively.


Our procurement team maintains relationships with some of the largest dental supply partners in the industry. Our trusted vendors, in partnership with the procurement team, ensure that our partners are able to choose the most cost-efficient and quality products available, that they are able to order quickly and easily, and that they receive their shipments in a timely manner.

From gloves and chairs to x-rays machines, our expert procurement team has worked extensively in the field so that they know the inner-workings of our partners’ needs to help them conduct their businesses efficiently.

Business Development

The Business Development Division of MB2 Dental coordinates the initial implementation of the full array of service offered to MB2 affiliated dental offices.

Our ongoing relationship with dental equipment suppliers like Henry Schein and Patterson Dental allows MB2 Dental to negotiate low-cost prices for our clients’ dental equipment and supplies.

If a partner opens a new office, our business development team works with our legal team as they assess the construction requirements of the new site to ensure a minimal amount of personal exposure when a new lease is executed. Coinciding with the lease negotiation, we help develop a floor plan, begin contract negotiations with contractors, and develop a dental equipment list. We also work closely with our Marketing and IT departments to coordinate the timely release of direct mail flyers and the proper install and startup of your computer systems.

Our goal is to provide partners with a fully functioning office the day they open for business.