Meet Dr. Wayne Wyatt, owner of Wyatt Orthodontics in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Wyatt was an Academic All-American football player at the University of Arizona, where he earned his undergraduate degree and an MBA in 1997. He earned his dental DDS degree in 2001 at the University of Oklahoma, where he graduated #1 in his dental school class. He earned his Masters of Science and completed his orthodontic residency in 2003 at the University of Texas where he served as chief resident. He has received numerous awards, honors, certifications, and professional memberships both during and after his residency.

I love my job! I get to make teeth straight and help people smile more. It’s the best job in the world! When I’m not here making teeth straight, my favorite places to be are home with my family and at my church serving kids. I have an amazing wife of 20 years and 6 kids, so there is never a dull moment in our home! It is my deepest desire to help young people understand that each and every one of them is a masterpiece of God!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Wyatt into the MB2 Dental family!

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Q&A with Dr. Wyatt

How long have you been practicing dentistry?
17 years and owned my practice for 15 years.

What is your favorite thing about dentistry?
Relationships with my team and my patients.

Why was MB2 the right partner for you?
The MB2 partnership gives me the clinical autonomy my team and I love, but they help me and my team with the administrative duties that are burdensome and inefficient to perform as a solo practice. They also give us economies of scale to make us more profitable from day one.

How has your experience with MB2 been so far?
I’ve loved every member of the MB2 team that I’ve worked with so far. They are genuinely passionate about my ongoing success.

What aspect of MB2’s support is most valuable to you as an owner?
Our practice will benefit most from MB2’s expertise with insurance filing and marketing.

What has been the most exciting part of the transition?
It’s not just me forging ahead to grow my practice. I have a team of experts helping me make my dream practice a reality.

What has been the most challenging part of the transition?
All the gathering of data and information haha!

What has been the most surprising part of the transition?
How generous the MB2 team is with giving me what I need to succeed and take superior care of my team.

How has your team handled the transition?
They are excited to have the administrative help so that they can focus more on the patient-facing side of the practice.

What advice would you give to a fellow dentist looking to make a change?
As you evaluate potential partners, take a close look at how you are aligned post-transition. With MB2, they align with you as a partner and provide the help you want and the autonomy you are accustomed to. They set you up to win, because that ensures they win.

What are your goals for yourself and your practice?
I want our practice to be known as the very best in town – the best results, the best experience, the best team, the best doctor, the best value. I want everyone to know that we are THE PLACE to go for braces and Invisalign. I want my team to know this is the best place to work and the best team to be part of.

Anything else you’d like to add?
MB2 has exceeded my wildest expectations by being easy to work with, generous, knowledgeable, and passionate about making their partner dentists better. I am so glad I made the decision to partner with MB2!