MB2 is now affiliated with dental practices in 33 states.

DALLAS, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MB2 Dental, the first-ever Dental Partnership Organization, has expanded its territory into Idaho. MB2 partnered with Dr. Scott Lyman, owner of Green Acres Family Dentistry, and Dr. Justin Cress, owner of Cress Dental. Both practices are located in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Twin Falls, located in southern Idaho, is known for its natural wonders and scenery such as Shoshone Falls and Snake River Canyon. Idaho is famously called “the Gem State,” as over 240 different minerals have been identified there. Idaho is the 10th state MB2 has added in 2021. Dr. Cress spoke about the pressure private practitioners are experiencing now with so many emerging groups continuing the consolidation of dental.

“After twenty-plus years in private practice, we have never seen a more difficult environment in which to practice dentistry or even be a small business owner,” said Dr. Cress. “We look forward to a partnership with MB2 to help us continue to provide a high level of service to existing patients and to serve all of the new patients we anticipate welcoming into our practice.”

Dr. Lyman has also felt the changes in the dental profession.

“It feels like a lot of times you cannot keep up,” said Dr. Lyman. “Insurance companies are reducing fees, and supply companies are raising them. A single dentist cannot hold his own against this onslaught. When I discovered MB2, I immediately loved the business model. I now have help from a large group of other dentists and support staff, yet still, retain the ability to run and care for my patients the way I always have. The team at MB2 has been able to help my practice with marketing advice, insurance fee schedule negotiations, and reduced fees at our supply companies and dental labs. The energy of the MB2 onboarding team has been amazing and has invigorated my staff and me to take our practice to the next level. I’m very excited for our future adventure in dentistry as an MB2 partner.”

MB2 Dental, founded and led by CEO and dentist Chris Steven Villanueva, is a co-op model that grows through acquisitions and de novos, which gives dentists the ability to leverage the company’s scale and infrastructure to further increase their equity values while remaining in control of their practice as clinicians, business owners and entrepreneurs. Rather than the traditional “Dental Support Organization” or “DSO,” MB2 Dental identifies as a “Dental Partnership Organization” or “DPO,” a concept the company created in 2017.

“We are excited to continue our expansion into the Northwest,” said Dr. Villanueva, “Dr. Lyman and Dr. Cress are two strong partners who will do well to represent our group as our first partners in Idaho. These are strong, generational practices that have been around for 40+ years. We are grateful to Dr. Lyman and Dr. Cress for trusting MB2 to be a partner to their legacies.”

About MB2 Dental
Dallas, Texas-based MB2 Dental is a first-of-its-kind Dental Partnership Organization (DPO) founded and led by dentist and entrepreneur CEO Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, with a mission to empower dentists to preserve their profession. Since its founding in 2007, MB2 has partnered with hundreds of dentists to help them stay in the driver’s seat as they maximize their talents, connect as part of a community and build exceptional wealth. MB2 currently partners with dentists and specialists in over 30 states and counting. For more information, visit https://mb2dental.com.

Press Contact: Lindsey Byrnes, https://mb2dental.com/