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Meet Dr. Zachary Dixon, owner of Dixon Family Dental in Morrilton, AR and co-owner with partner Dr. Spencer Mobbs of Perryville Family Dental in Perryville, AR. We are excited to have had them recently join the MB2 family as operating owners!

Meet Dr. Spencer Mobbs! Owner of Perryville Family Dental

How long have you been practicing dentistry?

2.5 years

What is your favorite aspect of dentistry?

The wide variety of different procedures we get to do – every day is always different!

Why was MB2 the right partner for you?

MB2 was a good fit for me because I really wanted and needed help with the business aspect of running an office. It’s nice to have more support on the non-clinical side of things so I can focus on treating patients and providing more quality dentistry.

How has your experience with MB2 been so far?

Although we are just getting started, my experience so far with MB2 has been great. The integration has been pretty stress-free. They have done a good job at alleviating any worries or concerns that the staff has had about minor changes within the office.

As an owner, what has been the most exciting part about partnering with MB2?

The opportunity for potential future growth and expansion into other areas of central Arkansas.

What advice would you give to fellow dentists looking to make a change?

Obviously any dental partnership is a big step for an owner. Talk to fellow MB2 owners/partners that have joined the team and get some feedback from their point of view.

Tell us about the community you practice in and how you keep involved.

Perryville, AR is a small, tight-knit community located in central Arkansas, about an hour from Little Rock. It has a population of about 1,500 people with many small towns on the outskirts. There are no other dental offices in the area so we are happy to provide a service to the community.

What do you enjoy outside of dentistry?

I enjoy just about anything outdoors. I take frequent trips to the Ozark National Forest to deer hung and ride four wheelers with my family. Other hobbies include: traveling, going to the lake, float trips and hanging out by the pool with friends and family. I also cheer for the Razorbacks any chance I get!



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