Dr. Jody Gill, owner of MB2 affiliate office Spearmint Dental and Orthodontics in Wichita FallsDr. Jody Gill, owner of MB2 affiliate office Spearmint Dental and Orthodontics in Wichita Falls, is opening a second location in Princeton, Texas this October.  Dr. Gill is excited to begin serving new patients and meeting new faces in the Princeton community. Princeton, located just east of McKinney, is a small community that is rapidly growing. In fact, Collin County is currently one of the fastest growing counties in Texas. Dr. Gill is looking forward to building relationships within this neighborly town.

Once Dr. Gill chose dentistry as her career path, she knew that she wanted to own multiple practices one day.  Growing up with parents that were both entrepreneurs strongly influenced her drive to be a successful and growing dentist and business owner.

Dr. Gill was introduced to MB2 through a colleague who knew other associate doctors working with Dr. Villanueva, the founder and CEO of MB2.  She has been with our MB2 crew now since 2011, when she started practicing as an associate at Peppermint Dental in McKinney.  In partnering with MB2, Dr. Gill sums it up well:

“MB2’s assistance in the operations of an office frees up my time to focus on patients rather than payroll and relationships rather than accounts receivable.  It allows me to go home at the end of the day and spend time with my family rather than being bogged down by HR responsibilities or hiring the right lawyer or accountant.  As a result, there is more time to focus on better patient care and better quality of life.”

When asked what advice Dr. Gill would offer to dental students, she stressed the importance of “…good communication skills and the ability to make a great first impression.

“When you are in dental school, the focus is on how to do the perfect filling or crown preparation.  The reality is, patients don’t know how good your filling or crown prep looks, they only know how they feel about their experience with you,” said Dr. Gill.

It appears that Dr. Gill lives true to her words of wisdom, ensuring that every patient has a pleasant experience.  In recounting a story of a happy patient, Dr. Gill stated that “my favorite part of dentistry is happy patients.  Once I had a seven-year-old patient who needed treatment but was extremely nervous.  He completed his treatment with no complications, sat up and said ‘That was fun!’”

Dr. Jody Gill, owner of MB2 affiliate office Spearmint Dental and Orthodontics in Wichita Falls

When she is not busy caring for patients, Dr. Gill is a woman of many talents and hobbies including photography, horseback riding, travel and soccer.  She loves to spend time with her family and her two dogs.  In the near future, Dr. Gill hopes to volunteer and do dentistry on mission trips, like our upcoming MB2 Dental mission trip to Jamaica.  In the meantime, you will find Dr. Gill tending to her patients in her two offices in Texas.