MB2 Dental Second Annual Jamaican Mission Trip

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This September, 15 MB2 affiliated doctors embarked on a journey to Jamaica to serve patients in communities with limited access to health care. Doctors from all over the United States, different alma maters, and different backgrounds came together for one united reason, to help as many people as possible.

The dental mission trip, was organized by Dr. Joseph Dove, a Meharry Dental School alumnus and owner of the Dove Family Dentistry practices in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Dove was inspired by his Jamaican-born wife, and his attendance on a mission trip just prior to affiliating with MB2. Once he affiliated with MB2 the tradition was created and the group size continues to grow annually as more MB2 docs join in on the trip. This year marked the second annual trip to Jamaica as well as a spring trip to Guatemala.

“I visited Jamaica in dental school, and I made a pledge to myself when I graduated to return to the island and provide dental care to its people,” said Dr. Dove, “Seeing all the dentists from various ethnic, social and religious backgrounds come together for these Jamaicans brought warmth to my heart.”

With the sponsorship of MB2 Dental and the help of Jamaica Tours Limited’s nonprofit group, Jamaicans Caring For Jamaicans coordination, the group was able to visit several clinics, helping hundreds of patients who normally do not have the means to get proper dental treatment. Our dentists split up to visit as many areas as possible during their stay.

Dr. Dove recalled the most impactful moment of the trip, “A patient had been suffering from a toothache for over eight years. For various reasons treatment had continuously been rescheduled. Dr. Beetar, our Oral Surgeon, was able to complete the procedure within minutes and brought joy and relief to the patient.” It is a project that is close to many of our doctor’s hearts.

“This is actually what got me interested in doing dentistry to begin with,” explains Dr. Justin Ramsey, owner of the BLVD Dentistry brand, “I was 16 years old, high school punk-kid, and I got to go on a trip with some doctors to Guatemala. There were a couple physicians, couple dentists- and I got to assist the dental team. By the end of the trip I had pulled out probably 20 teeth on my own. Well, at least I claim it, now I actually realize how much they loosened it up for me, and then just let me get the fun part at the very end. But on that trip I was able to see how I could use my hands and the talent God’s given me to directly make an impact on people who are really appreciative and really grateful for us coming to see them and helping them.”

While visiting, the docs were also able to make a stop at the Montego Infant School and Falmouth All Age School to educate children on dental hygiene and send them home with oral care packages.

No matter our background or organization, we are all here to serve. If you are interested in joining us to make a difference, please contact us.

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