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Meet Dr. Todd Parco, owner of the Croc Doc pediatric dental practice in El Paso, Texas. The Croc Doc dental practice specializes in the treatment of infants, children, and adolescents, with an emphasis on special needs children.

The phrase “We’ve got patience for little patients” can be found on the website of the Croc Doc, along with smiling photos of their mascot “The Croc”.  The pratice is brightly decorated and inviting, with encouraging signs around the office. It is the Croc Doc’s goal to make dental experiences as positive as possible for young patients. Croc Doc proudly advertises their comprehensive dental care to serve all children in El Paso with the kindness and quality care that they deserve.

Encouraging kids with constant positive words is what we’re all about here,” explained Dr. Parco, “My favorite part of the job is to hear that same positive energy coming from each of our team members. The end result is a message that gets heard and lots of smiling kids walking out our door. It’s the best.”

Dr. Parco is an experienced pediatric dentist and business owner who has owned multiple dental practices. Prior to partnering with MB2, Dr. Parco successfully owned and sold three other practices.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur,” said Dr. Parco, “I bought my first office right out of school, and haven’t stopped building and growing since. I open practices because that’s what I love to do. I get great satisfaction out of taking an idea and seeing that concept develop into a thriving business. The Croc Doc has been my favorite of the four [practices] I’ve grown. It’s always had a great vibe to it. The team members are kind, smart and efficient. What more could a dentist want?”

Dr. Parco reached out to the MB2 business development team to see if his practice was the right fit for a partnership with MB2. “From there,” remembers Dr. Parco, “my discussions with the MB2 team opened my eyes to a platform where Croc Doc could grow within the MB2 family of offices. Like dating the right girl, I knew it was a good fit.”

MB2 seeks to parnter with dentists who share the same entrepreneurial mindset as our CEO and Founder, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva and his fellow Doctor Owners.

MB2 is very glad to welcome our first pediatric partner to the MB2 family,” stated MB2 CEO & Founder Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, “This is the first pediatric practice for us to ever partner with and we are excited to expand our diversity in the market. Dr. Parco is an exceptional pediatric dentist with a special gift in treating children. The Croc Doc practice Dr. Parco has founded is a unique and admirable asset to the El Paso community and we are grateful he selected MB2 to serve as a partner in The Croc Doc’s journey.”

“I believe like attracts like,” said Dr. Parco, “This goes for dental entrepreneurs as well. It’s cool to be around others with similar philosophies. I also believe you should do what you’re best at and then do that almost exclusively. MB2 can do much of the heavy lifting when partnering with your existing practice.”

Dr. Parco’s shares his advice to fellow dentists:

First, bring the right attitude to work every day. Your team members are a reflection of your attitude. Second, keep perfecting your craft. Patients naturally gravitate to those who are top performers in their field. Third, remember that being a dentist is someone still very much admired by society. No matter who you work with or for, live and practice honestly and honorably. We’re all in this together. Develop a strong work ethic and have a vision that will guide you. It’s your vision that guides your decisions. You may not know exactly how you are going to get what you see in your mind, but believe me if you think it, it will happen.”Outside of practicing, Dr. Parco and his team enjoy spending time in the El Paso community by volunteering at elementary schools and safe-houses for families. Dr. Parco says his greatest passion is his family. His son, Chase, is his fishing buddy, Lego building master, and favorite four-wheeling teammate.

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