Dr. Ashley DeMarco is a mama-to-be, Texas Fightin’ Aggie alum, and South East Texas dentist. She is the owner of Gulfside Dental and Orthodontics and just opened a fourth location, located in Beaumont. The new office makes the second Beaumont location for Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics. With an overflow of patients at the original office, Dr. DeMarco is excited to provide another location to serve Gulfside’s heavy patient base in South East Texas.

Clearly Dr. DeMarco is no newbie to our MB2 family. In fact, she has been with MB2 for over six years now! She was first introduced to MB2 by fellow dentist, Dr. Ernesto Prida, and the rest is history. Dr. DeMarco spent her first year as a dentist practicing at the Archstone Dental & Orthodontics affiliated offices with fellow owner Dr. Shahwan, then later left to help in the opening of the MB2 affiliated Sage Dental offices. Now she is the successful owner of Gulfside Dental with locations in Galveston, Port Arthur, and Beaumont.

“I am incredibly excited to have a new location to serve the overflow of patients in the community of Beaumont. MB2’s support has been unmatchable in this process, especially in the areas of credentialing and operational support,” said Dr. DeMarco.

As a dentist and business owner who has been with us since graduating from dental school, Dr. DeMarco has a huge appreciation for all the ways MB2 has been able to support her career path.

“It’s not easy opening and running multiple practices, but having a network to support you as well as supportive partners makes the process so much better,” said Dr. DeMarco.

When asked what advice she would give to dental students, Dr. DeMarco believes who you surround yourself with can make or break you. “You make your career what it is. You have to align yourself with the right people at work and work as hard as you can.”

When she’s not in the office practicing dentistry, Dr. DeMarco enjoys spending time on the beach and sailing. Growing up she spent her weekends sailing with a team in the Kemah Bay area.

Dr. DeMarco and her husband, Marinko, are expecting their first child, well, first child with the exception of their fur child Brody!