MB2 dentists owner's trip cancunBeing able to work with a team of awesome people who “get” you is pretty great. In fact, some might say it doesn’t get much better than that…well it does if all those awesome people fly out to Cancun for a weekend.

This May, a large group of our doctor owners were lucky enough to spend Cinco de Mayo weekend celebrating and relaxing in the Mexican sun. MB2 owners from as close as Texas and as far as Alaska traveled from all over the U.S. to come together. A destination getaway was well deserved, as all of our owners are so hard-working and busy. The opportunity to drop all and just relax is a rare one. We were excited to welcome a large group of new owners and Owner’s Trip first-timers to join as well.

Weekend activities consisted of lounging by the cerulean water, swimming with dolphins, getting fishy foot pedicures, touring the Caribbean in our own jungle boats, golfing and snorkeling, to name a few. Each night we had a blast at our creative themed dinners—an MB2 Owner’s Trip tradition—some doctors really go all out!

But what really makes MB2 Owner’s Trips so special, is that these bi-annual trips create an opportunity for MB2 dentists from all over to connect, both old friends and new. Some of the owners have known each other for years, some are former classmates, some are married, some are even siblings, and some were just meeting for the first time. But an outsider looking in would undoubtedly see a group of people so in sync, they surely had known each other all their lives. In a way it really felt like one big family reunion.

MB2 dentists owner's trip cancun

“Dentistry can be isolating sometimes. That’s traditionally how it’s been practiced, but here there’s very much a group feel. I know I can call any of them at any time and say ‘Hey, how do you handle this situation when it happens in your office’,” – Dr. Bryan Hassler, owner of Legend Dental in Georgetown, Texas.

The doctor to doctor culture at MB2 is a unique dynamic you won’t find anywhere else. Having a whole team of other dentists rooting for your success and helping you to better yourself is invaluable.

MB2 dentists owner's trip cancun

“Everybody wants everybody to succeed. There’s no competition, it’s just a very nice, small family that is very happy with everybody’s success within the company.” – Dr. Barbara Weigand, owner of Advanced Family Dentistry in Fairbanks, Alaska.

MB2 dentists owner's trip cancun

And although Cancun may have been more play than work, we are happy to say that we were working on a very exciting project the whole time.

We invite you to take a glimpse into our Cancun Owner’s Retreat!