MB2 executive team. From left to right: Clint Ellenberg, Justin Carroll, Susan Huff, Justin Puckett, Thomas Southam, Dr. Chris Villanueva, Mayra Vazquez, Jake Berry, Chad Caldwell, Anna Chapman, Jackson Hildebrand

There has been a lot to celebrate here at MB2 lately. Last fall we finalized our partnership with private equity firm Sentinel Capital Partners. Since then, our already growing company has continued to expand faster than ever before. In the past four months, several dental practices have onboarded with MB2. Overall, we officially surpassed 100 practices and those numbers will only to continue to increase with our projected growth.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in every denovo & acquisition over the last three years at MB2. We recognize and value that each practice is unique and we are staunch in that—even with rapid growth we never lose sight of the individual practice.” – Susan Huff, Chief Integrations Officer, Operations.

Along with the growth of our affiliated practices, our MB2 team is expanding as well. We are excited to have new dentists and their teams joining our family, as well as new support staff at our MB2 central location.

“There’s no better feeling than being around our team at MB2, all aligned with the growth strategy. MB2’s growth creates opportunities for our partner dentists to provide great dental care to even more communities—which in turn creates growth opportunities for the broader MB2 team. What an exhilarating time to be at MB2! I look forward to what’s next.” –Clint Ellenberg, Vice President, Corporate Operations.

In true MB2 fashion, we had to go all out for celebrating 100+ practices. We had a nice lunch, t-shirts, raffles and a fun photo booth. The best part by far was the professional comedy hypnotist we had come entertain everyone. While we dined, the hypnotist had our CEO, execs, and team members on stage doing the most ridiculous tasks. Sleeping, being tied to balloons, sniffing each other, and stealing someone’s belly button to name a few of the outrageous antics going down.


Check out the photos below from our MB2 100+ Practices Celebration!

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