Most people can tell you what their childhood dream job was, but very few can say they stuck by that dream and turned it into a career. Dr. Nathan Galloway is one of the few people who can say he accomplished just that—twice!

“I always wanted to be a professional trumpet player. I pursued this dream for many years completing a Bachelor’s in Music and a Master’s Degree in Trumpet Performance.  I enjoyed this career path for some time before I decided to make it more of a hobby,” retells Dr. Galloway. “My other childhood dream was to become a dentist.”

After earning his Master’s in Trumpet Performance and working in the public school system for four years, Dr. Galloway finally decided to return to school to pursue dentistry. He took a leap of faith and enrolled at the University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio where he graduated with his D.D.S. in 2016.

Once he had graduated from dental school, Dr. Galloway immediately began working as an associate at MB2 affiliate-office Bliss Dental and Orthodontics in Midland, Texas. Dr. Galloway has been with MB2 just shy of a year, but is already launching his career as an office owner. He is opening a new Bliss Dental and Orthodontics office in East Odessa, Texas this July!

 “I know that without MB2 providing this incredible opportunity, I would not yet be in a position to open my own practice. I think this was a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right people,” says Dr. Galloway.

Here at MB2 we are proud to provide support in every aspect for doctors like Dr. Galloway to be able to pursue their dreams and make them a reality. Along with the services we offer, we have an incredible network of doctors who are always pushing for growth and success not only for themselves, but for their doctor peers as well.

“The way MB2 sets up doctor affiliations alleviates a lot of stress solo docs experience,” explains Dr. Galloway. “The support staff minimizes the owner’s work load, and the ownership structure alleviates a lot of the risk. There are a lot of people working towards my office’s success. When I’m successful, everyone who’s helping reaps the benefits — from the staff to my patients. It’s a very supportive relationship.”

With offices already located in Lubbock, Midland, and Odessa, Dr. Galloway’s East Odessa office will make the fourth location for the Bliss Dental and Orthodontics family. Dr. Galloway is a firm believer in the importance of surrounding yourself with staff and support who understand your goals and vision. He stresses how crucial it is for everyone to work towards a common goal as one team.

“Working with MB2 has been a valuable growing experience. I’ve loved Midland and enjoy the people I work with, so we decided to team up with the existing practices and remain part of the Bliss Dental family,” said Dr. Galloway.

Dr. Galloway advises dental students to figure out what is most important to them individually. “Dental careers are not ‘one size fits all’. Your path is where you take it and that may not be the same for everyone. Don’t give up,” continues Dr. Galloway. “If you’re unhappy in life, change it. For me that meant leaving a career, extended family and friends, all to pursue a childhood dream.”

Chasing another aspiration and becoming a dentist doesn’t mean Dr. Galloway has given up his love for music completely. Outside of work, you can find him cheering on his children at their swim meets, basketball games, or violin lessons, or of course still practicing the trumpet. We think it’s safe to say, Dr. Galloway is living the dream.