After nearly five years of working as an associate dentist in Frisco, Texas, Dr. David Nguyen can proudly say he is the owner of Heritage Family Dentistry. Just months before Dr. Nguyen’s transition to ownership, the future of the practice he was providing at was unknown. The former owner of the practice was looking to exit and possibly sell to another dental group. Dr. Nguyen and his team were unsure of their fate and anxiously awaited the news of what was to come next.

Dr. Nguyen was introduced to MB2 Dental through a dental school classmate and reached out to see if there was a way to gain ownership of the practice he has loved providing care to patients at for the past several years. Through his partnership with MB2, Dr. Nguyen was able to purchase his dream practice and set the minds of his team members and patients at ease knowing they would all remain together.

With the support of MB2’s centralized services Dr. Nguyen and his team were able to smoothly transition into MB2’s Dental Partnership Organization with very little changes to their day to day routines. New technology and systems were put into place—but the family feel still remains. Many of Dr. Nguyen’s employees have worked at the practice for several years and can now have peace of mind with their new benefits in place to support their own families.

“We often aspire to own offices that we associate at, but all too often, for one reason or another, it doesn’t transpire. It’s very personally rewarding to help a fellow dentist make this aspiration a reality,” said CEO and Founder, Dr. Chris Villanueva.