MB2 Dental is honored to welcome three new Michigan partners. Dr. Brandon Boike, Dr. Matt Mandeville, and Dr. James Van Wingen, owners of Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry in Traverse City, MI, joined the MB2 Dental team this week. Northern Michigan Pediatric Dentistry concentrates on the oral health and development of children and young adults. They, as well as The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Dental Association (ADA), and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), all recommend establishing a “Dental Home” for their patients early in their life. The team strives to make each and every visit to their office a fun one!

To learn more about Drs. Boike, Mandeville, and Van Wingen, please visit https://www.nmpdkids.com/index.php.