We are so excited to present the third installment of our series “We Are Dentistry” featuring Dr. Corey Slighly.

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All caught up to speed? Great! Allow us to introduce you to our next doctor feature, Dr. Corey Slighly!

Dr. Slighly, originally from a small town in Michigan, now identifies as Texan. He lives in Central Texas with his wife Simone. They are expecting their first child, a baby girl.  And we can’t forget this little fluffy face, Paige!

Paige Dr. Corey Slighly MB2 Dental Solutions

Dr. Slighly spent seven years serving in the United States Army, at the encouragement of his father to accept a military scholarship. It was at the Army’s Advanced Education for Dental Specialties at Eisenhower Medical Center in Fort Gordon, Georgia where he received a certificate in Prosthodontics.  He attributes the success in his career and personal life to the qualities instilled in him while serving in the military.

“The military really benefitted me as far as structure, leadership, just being a better provider, being a better person,” recounts Dr. Slighly, “They’re focused on making sure that you’re a high-quality solider and a high-level leader.”

Dr. Corey Slighly MB2 Dental Solutions

When Dr. Slighly is not practicing, he enjoys spending time with his family. He and his wife, Simone, are ecstatic to share that they are expecting their first child.

“Outside of dentistry, my biggest joys come from being with my family. There’s nobody that I’d rather spend time with than my wife,” says Dr. Slighly as a smile spreads across his face.

Another passion of Dr. Slighly’s is sports. He enjoys being active, specifically playing basketball and shooting hoops for hours on end. He believes staying active helps us, as humans, have a positive outlook on life.

Dr. Corey Slighly MB2 Dental Solutions

When it comes to his practice, Dr. Slighly is passionate about ensuring his patients always receive the best possible care. He loves to see his staff happy and smiling, taking care to keep the office efficient and organized to give patients a pleasant and memorable experience.

“My favorite thing about working in a private practice is being able to build a team. When we come together, we find ways that we can all work together and reach new levels,” says Dr. Slighly.

When it comes down to it, patients are the number one priority.

“I’ve tried to give everything I’ve got to focusing on the patients. Whether that be treating them directly or working with staff members or other providers on how we can better serve our patients. In the end, that’s what people really want – to be taken care of.” tells Dr. Slighly.

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