Whether you’re a D4 approaching graduation or a new dentist in the first few years of practice- every dentist has been in your shoes and knows just how challenging the transition out of dental school can be!

In this video, a few of our affiliated doctor owners share their advice to fellow dentists, and how MB2 has helped to ease the roadblocks in their journey.

MB2 is a doctor led platform, and that’s why at recruitment events we bring our affiliated doctor owners and associates to meet you in person. Don’t get us wrong—our Director of Doctor Recruitment, Darlene, is a superstar, but we know you have questions that only another dentist can answer. We know you want to hear first-hand experiences from someone who’s been there, and that’s what we’re all about.

We’d love to bring our affiliated doctors to your school to meet you. If you’re interested in an MB2 hosted event in your city please contact doctor@mb2dental.com