Check out the newest installment of our series “We Are Dentistry” featuring Dr. Joseph Dove

In February, we premiered our new video series “We Are Dentistry” on YouTube. If you missed it you can watch our debut video here. We kicked off this project with a video highlighting Dr. Mary Courtin of Courtin Family Dentistry and her adorable family in Rockwall, Texas.

For this installment, our team took a trip to Memphis, Tennessee to spend a day with Dr. Joseph Dove, owner of Dove Family Dentistry. Not a moment of time was wasted; Dr. Dove is a man of many hobbies. From cruising on his motorcycle, to spending time up close and personal with a punching bag, Dr. Dove keeps both mind and body active.

“I learned that my vice is relaxing. Between birth and death, there’s a life to live, and you have to capitalize on those moments every chance you get,” expressed Dr. Dove.

dove2It’s hard not to smile watching him and his wife go to work in the kitchen and on the grill, cooking up his personalized jerk-chicken recipe. But what really makes Dr. Dove shine, is his time spent serving the community.

Dr. Dove, accompanied by fellow dentist owner and former dental school classmate, Dr. Anthony Polk takes time to see patients who are underserved and may not have access to proper dental care. The doctors feel a strong connection with the community that reminds them so much of their own hometowns. Dove makes each patient comfortable, greeting them with the type of warm hug or handshake typically reserved for an old friend. For Dr. Dove, it’s more than just a medical visit. Seeing these patients gives him a chance to make them feel valued and taken care of.

dove3“Sometimes these patients feel like they’re left behind from society or the world, so we want to bring those folks back in. I feel like that’s what we’re supposed to do. We want to find those patients and identify them so we can bring them to the office where they can receive care in a private setting,” said Dr. Dove, “When we talk to these patients, we talk about more than just dentistry. We try to be a resource—more than just, let’s fix your tooth.”

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