Meet Dr. Winston Allen, Owner of Melissa Dental and Orthodontics in Melissa, TX.  Dr. Allen has been with MB2 since 2017 as an Associate and we are excited to partner with him on first office as an Owner.

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Q&A with Dr. Allen:

When did you decide you wanted to be a Dentist?

About 15 years ago, or since I was in High School, I’ve wanted to be a dentist in a smaller market.


When did Melissa Dental & Orthodontics open?

April 22nd, 2019


Why did you decide to partner with MB2?

One of my best friends from dental school, Dr. Chris Wright, who has an MB2 office in Shreveport, gave me rave reviews about the leadership and the structure of MB2 and how the associate dentists were treated. As a result, I took his word and I couldn’t have been happier with my position since an Associate Doctor with MB2.


What advice to you have for dental students?

Anything I can expound upon D4 students, d3 students, or maybe even an associate doctor that’s 1 or 2 years out just trying to learn the clinical aspect of dentistry that’s considering that next step on being an owner is surround yourself with a good team. Dentistry in its current form is too big for one person to tackle and I applaud those guys who try to go out there and do it on their own, but if you’re going to be delivering A+ care and service on every aspect of your dental office, much like we do here at Melissa Dental and Orthodontics, you have to have a team. MB2 is my team, and to be honest, I’d put my team up against any other team out there.


Tell me about your transition from an Associate to an Owner.

Just like most dentists out there, and those who recently graduated dental school, they have a dream to be an owner of a dental office. They have their clinical autonomy and they treat and care for their patients as their family. My story is no different. After I joined on with MB2 as an associate, I was actually in the process of fulfilling that dream of opening my own office. After I was about half way through with just brainstorming how to put this together, I realized that putting together an office in today’s world and delivering A+ service to all your patients, you have to have a team around you. I feel very confident saying that I could have probably opened an office by myself, but I would have probably delivering b-care in certain areas like marketing or credentialing, or how I’m collecting up front. There’s so many things and you need a well versed well trained team on your side. I could not be happier with my decision with MB2 I would do it hand over fist again. My only regret is that Dr. Wright didn’t tell me in the first place “get on board with them sooner!” I don’t look back on my previous dental experiences as a waste or missed opportunity, I learned so much going through my own course, and I can say with complete conviction that I know where I’m supposed to be right now. I can’t wait for this next chapter.