Meet Dr. Frederique Faucheu, new owner of Mabank Dental, a new partnership for MB2 in Mabank, Texas.

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How did you first hear about MB2?

I first heard about MB2 back in 2012 when Dr. V was recruiting some associates for his first practices with MB2. Fun fact, Dr. V and I went to the same school! My husband is also a dentist for MB2 and we were looking for an ownership. The opportunity to become an owner for Forney Wellness presented itself, so my husband has owned it for the past 6 years and I have been an associate there for the past 5 years.


What do you like about MB2?

A few things I like about MB2 are that it’s a family oriented business. MY 2 sisters are dentists and had the opportunity to become owners well.


How has MB2 helped you become an owner?

MB2 has played a huge role in this acquisition, I’ve been an associate and i was ready to branch out. The business aspect is very overwhelming and Mb2 has been great. They’ve guided me through the whole process and it’s been a super easy process.