About MB2 Dental Solutions



Don’t settle for just a job.

At MB2 we offer you a career path, not just a job. We believe it’s important for clinicians to have the same vision and values as their practice and its owner. The majority of MB2 affiliated practice owners started their career with us as associates.

Work alongside peers who share the same beliefs in a supportive environment where you will receive the respect you deserve. Practice with doctor mentors who can help you grow both inside and outside of the dental office.


Your practice is a unique reflection of you.

Autonomy goes far beyond clinical delivery. You dictate what technology your office uses, what services are provided, payor mix, insurances accepted, and strategies implemented. No two owners or two practices are the same. Your practice is a unique reflection of you.

Dentist practice owners receive full equity value. Don’t be fooled by other joint venture models that restrict the value of your ownership. We have a proven track record of making large company valuations available to single practitioners.

Whether you currently own a practice, are looking to own or expand, we support doctors in all stages of their career.


Just crazy enough it worked.

MB2 is a platform where dentists can invest in each other both professionally and financially. We are aligned in maximizing our practice values. Together as dentists, we’ve created a collegiate environment to help each other succeed. When your peers do well, you do well. Together, we become better clinicians, better business owners, and better stewards of our profession.

In other models, our value as dentists is limited to the treatment we render. At MB2, we believe the value of a dentist is in how they lead, mentor, and invest in fellow dentists. This provides unlimited financial potential.

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