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Recruitment Recap! MB2 Doctor Recruiter Darlene Salazar

Can May really be over already?! It seems like we were just putting up the Christmas tree and now here we are buying swimsuits and flip-flops. But they say time flies when you’re having fun, right? This past year, we had the pleasure of hosting several fall and spring events for dental students across Texas and the surrounding states. It was a blast getting to hang out with these students and learning about their personalities and career goals. We had the opportunity to dine with D4’s preparing for their first career steps, and we held cocktail-style networking events for dental students of all years!

We sat down to get the full recruitment run-down from Darlene Salazar, our doctor recruitment specialist – which is a fancy name for a match-maker. The woman has a knack for names and faces, y’all. If you had a few minutes to chat with her at one of our events you probably showed up on her personal Instagram feed (and ours too!) and can be expecting a call, email, or text from her next year to make sure you’ll have more time to talk over steak, pizza or drinks!

Here’s the recruitment scoop, hot off the press from Darlene!

Why do you choose a casual, off-campus atmosphere?

One of the best parts about hosting these events is students are able to meet and speak with MB2 doctors in person. The smaller event settings give students the chance to connect with the doctors. Student doctors can ask questions, get advice, and gain insight from our seasoned docs on where their career path took them and how MB2 has shaped their growth. I as a recruiter could talk to you all day about how awesome MB2 is, but remember this company was built by dentists for dentists. So it only makes sense to make sure students get to speak to one of the dentists who make this company so great. This way, students can hear about another doctor’s personal experience in and after dental school.

We know dental students tire of hearing the same recruiter elevator pitches over and over about what they should do after school and which direction to take. We want the student, as a dentist, to know all the options they have available. From there, they can make the best decision for their career based on their personal preferences and goals.

What do you hope students gain from the MB2 recruiting events?

Instead of trying to spend 30 minutes “selling” our company, I get to know the candidate as best I can and help them get to know MB2. A lot of times, this is the first time a new grad has heard about our company and our unique model so they have tons of questions- my favorite situation, honestly. In a way it turns into a reversed interview. Once they feel confident that they understand how MB2 works, often a great candidate who fits our culture will make the decision that they’d like to work with us someday. At that point I end up working for them [the recruit!] I work my butt off to match them with a perfect opportunity internally depending on their goals and aspirations. Those are my favorite hires.

We end up educating many students about the DSO model and what it has to offer a career-minded doctor in their position. In the process they get to see and feel the MB2 culture first-hand because they are getting help, advice, and sometimes dumb jokes from our existing docs. Those that end up as part of the MB2 team can attest to the fact that the same doctor collaboration and camaraderie is what they’ll find inside of MB2 as well. That’s what makes us different.

Do you feel you are able to connect with students at these events?

Absolutely! We are able to hire candidates we meet from these events, but what’s most important is the connections we make. Something we recently started doing that has been successful is simply getting to know these students earlier in their dental school career. Rather than only trying to meet D4s because we want to hire someone, we like to meet students early on and really get to know them and keep in touch.

This past fall we met an awesome D3 interested in one of our fastest growing markets. I’m so excited because we have the perfect opportunity lined up for her this year as she is looking toward graduation. It’s a great feeling to help a student find the perfect fit for them, and then get to see them grow in their career.

Often times, we hear students say they didn’t know a company with the benefits of MB2 even existed. All they know is corporate vs. private, and introducing them to another option, that alone is a success. Meeting students in their second or third year of dental school gives them time to really learn and watch how MB2 can be helpful to them.

At every event, I would find myself forgetting that this is technically my job because it didn’t feel like work to talk with these amazing students. I know it sounds so cliché to say, but it’s so refreshing and exciting to see the future of dentistry in them.

What’s in store?

This summer we will be getting geared up for our fall events. You can expect more off-campus events in the fall and spring! Attending our events is the best way to get familiar with MB2, but you can always email us at doctor@mb2dental.com

If you’re a student who has already attended one of our events and you had a great conversation with one of our doctors, don’t hesitate to reach out! One of MB2’s biggest goals is to be a resource for all doctors. We love to hear how you’re doing and answer any questions you have. I can’t wait to do it all again!

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