We recently launched a project that we’re ecstatic to share. Our video series “We Are Dentistry” has been produced in a shortened documentary style. Each episode captures the daily life of the great people who work in dentistry, by portraying the passions, struggles and experiences that shape them.

We were inspired to create this series to shed the light on the lives of dental professionals. Across the industry, most of our patients know us only as white coats, behind loupes. When we all go home at night and we trade in our lab coats for soccer uniforms, grocery carts, and bed-time stories or are found cheering for our local sports teams just like everyone else. We believe everyone in this great industry we share has a story worth hearing, and want to give people the opportunity to know the person behind the dentistry.

“By telling the story behind the white coat, we are able to humanize dental care,” said Dr. Chris Villanueva, founder of MB2 Dental. “Dentists are some really amazing people – each of which has a truly interesting life outside of the dental practice. That’s why we decided to dig deep and show people what is going on in the hearts and minds of dental practitioners.”

Our video production team followed Dr. Courtin during a normal day, unscripted, and the result was nothing short of captivating.

“We let the central doctor in each piece lead the pace and depth of the video production, and what we ended up with is a very organic mini-series of stories about real people,” said Dr. Villanueva.

Dr Mary Courtin - We Are Dentistry SeriesThe first video in the series features Dr. Mary Courtin – doctor owner and passionate runner accompanied by her husband, adorable children and puppies. Dr. Courtin unveils how she balances work life and motherhood.

“Seeing a dental patient is a lot easier than being a mom of three. It’s what I trained so hard to be, and it’s very intuitive for me to be a dentist, whereas I didn’t go to any classes to be a mom.” Courtin says, “I strive to be the best mom. That is 100 percent my number one goal.”

The episode reveals a deeper part of Dr. Courtin’s life, as she discusses personal hardships within her family, and how her loss has shaped and strengthen her.

Dr Mary Courtin - We Are Dentistry SeriesWith Dr. Courtin, the lines are blurred between family life and work life. She can often be found in the office, toddler in tow, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She affectionately describes her patients as “fantastic” and “family-oriented” people, all part of a community.

“This is me. This is who I am. This, to me, is more than just putting food on the table for my family,” said Dr. Courtin.

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