Meet Dr. Garth McCaffrey, Owner of Carlson McCaffrey Dental Group in Sun City, Arizona!

Describe your journey in dentistry.

My Journey in dentistry has been one of great joy, and has brought a lot of fun and wonderful things to my life for me and my family. It’s come with a lot of diligence and endurance so that I can help all of my patients and give the best that I can. Also to enjoy it with them, together we are able to help people. I’ve done a lot of mission trips, I’ve gone to Colombia four times, to Haiti four times, it makes me who I am.

 What makes a Dentist Successful?

I came out of dental school and I’ve owned two practices, one in Ohio and one in Naples, FL. I’ve proved to be very fortunate and successful with that, but there is something when it comes to the business aspect that can be really hard on us.  A good partnership with good people can make all the difference with success now and in the future.

If you could start over, what would you do differently?

If I could do it again…I think having the right mentorship is so important, both personally and professionally.

What activities do you enjoy outside of dentistry?

Out here in Arizona, we love hiking and everything life offers here. The practices I’ve acquired (now working on my 3rd with MB2) have been very exciting and we are very much looking forward to a great future!