“This is about doctors investing in doctors. We can accomplish more together than we can individually as dentists.” – Dr. Villanueva

Dental Practice Affiliation Opportunities

Is your dental practice running you?

Before you started your practice did you anticipate the time you would spend away from dentistry?

We understand that the many roles you are asked to play in your office may keep you from practicing dentistry. We also know that as dentists, we weren’t formally educated on how to:

  • Handle payroll and HR issues
  • Cost effectively market the practice
  • Deal with legal issues
  • Maintain compliance and credentialing

At MB2 Dental Solutions, our team of experts supports you in every area of running your dental practice leaving you with full clinical autonomy and the time and energy you need to focus on patient care.

In short, we specialize in getting dentists back to dentistry.

Interested in learning how MB2 Dental Solutions can support your practice in reaching its maximum potential, giving more time to focus on the dentistry that you love?