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MB2 Celebrates Black History Month

MB2 Celebrates Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to spotlight some of the amazing docs we are proud to have as part of our MB2 family!

Dr. Tiffany Gillum – Texas

5 Fun Facts About Dr. Gillum:

    1. She loves traveling abroad!
    2. One of her favorite things to do is shop!
    3. She enjoys gardening.
    4. Dr. Gillum likes to get creative with arts & crafts.
    5. And she loves to spend quality time with her family!

Dr. Chris Wright – Louisiana

5 Facts About Dr. Wright:

  1. He is a huge LSU fan! GEAUX TIGERS!
  2. Dr. Wright once lived in Germany.
  3. He loves to sport a good bow-tie.
  4. Dr. Wright is an only child.
  5. And he loves to sing along to the radio (but never knows the lyrics!)

Dr. Jacquetta Davis – Texas

5 Facts About Dr. Davis:

  1. She spends most of her free time with family.
  2. On the weekends, Dr. Davis enjoys aerial fitness!
  3. She has not visited a movie theater in about five years!
  4. She is a fan of the Houston Texans’ Football team.
  5. Dr. Davis loves to eat–and hates to cook!

Dr. Joseph Dove – Tennessee

5 Fun Facts About Dr. Dove:

  1. He loves jazz music!
  2. His nickname in Dental School was “Knuckles”.
  3. He is a Detroit Lions fan for LIFE!
  4. His favorite food is sushi.
  5. Dr. Dove LOVES his family!

Learn more about Dr. Dove, check out his We Are Dentistry video!

Dr. Anthony Polk – Tenneesee

5 Facts About Dr. Polk:

  1. He is a family man with strong family values.
  2. Dr. Polk is passionate about missionary work.
  3. He loves to cook!
  4. He enjoys riding his Harley and traveling.
  5. And he regularly attends jazz festivals!

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